Bacon, Egg & Cheese Muffin

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Muffin


Delicious bacon and a folded egg, served on an english muffin with processed Cheddar cheese.


300 Calories

12g Fat

33g Carbs

16g Protein

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0 Cals
Processed Cheddar Cheese

Processed Cheddar Cheese

45 Cals

English Muffin (enriched flour, water, yeast, whole wheat flour, grain and seed blend [rolled oats, rye flour, rye meal, whole flax seeds, millet seeds, wheat flakes], degerminated yellow corn meal, degerminated yellow corn flour, sugar, salt, cultured wheat flour [wheat flour, vinegar, bacterial culture], soybean oil, potassium sorbate, acacia gum, artificial flavour, amylase, lipase, ascorbic acid), egg (liquid whole egg, water, salt, citric acid, gum blend (guar gum, xanthan gum), imitation butter flavour), butter oil soybean oil, palm oil, salt, natural flavour, carotene), Cheddar cheese (cheese [milk, modified milk ingredients, bacterial culture, salt, calcium chloride, rennet and/or pepsin and/or microbial enzyme, lipase], modified milk ingredients, water, sodium citrate and/or sodium phosphate, salt, potassium sorbate, citric acid, colour, soy lecithin), bacon (pork belly cured with water, salt, sugar, sodium tripolyphosphate, natural flavour, sodium diacetate, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite).

Adults and youth (ages 13 and older) need an average of 2,000 calories a day, and children (ages 4 to 12) need an average of 1,500 calories a day. However, individual needs vary. Additional nutrition information available upon request.